Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alien Abduction and The Day to Day

In addition to being requested to do general hypnosis (can you really use hypnosis to stop smoking, melting off the poundage, and gee I hate biting my nails - and please note, I am not belittling these issues, these are my daily bread and butter), I occasionally am asked to help with a few other problems, such as remembering what happened to a person during a believed alien abduction. This is my latest request and I am preparing for it.

It does not matter what I believe or do not believe, I am just a mental hiking guide in this case. What matters is that my client feels pretty sure that they were abducted by aliens, but can't remember any of it and feels that if they could find out the truth, then much would be explained in their life.

Normally, I would do regression (which means NO leading questions and things that an unbias reporter would ask, such as when, where, why, what, how, and who) and that would be that. However, I opened Pandora's box by contacting a few people who research alien abductions. I have been told that there is a specific set of questions one must ask to gain some validity of the experience. Perhaps my education is lacking, but I never got a specific set of questions to ask in such cases. I've been told that there are certain "facts" that are not public knowledge that one should address. Hmmmm. Also, the people I contacted told me they were not regressionist and therefore did not have the questions in question.

So, that is my current quest, finding this set of mystery questions. If anyone out there has any idea about this, it would make my day to know more. Ah, if only I could find Mulder.

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